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Words and Pictures is exactly that. Words in the form of a story and Pictures that either back up the story or form the basis of the story.
I love old surfboards, preferably single fins from the late 60's and early 70's, so many of the stories are based around these.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Slug

Before my friend Andrew moved to Bermagui in January 2002, he sold some of his old boards. I bought a few of them and I happened to be on an s-deck high at the time and was stoked to pick up an old red 5'7 McCoy s-deck that was pretty rough as far as condition went, but it rode beautifully.
I always loved the blue spot around the fin and the well balanced, double-ender template. although it's about 6 or 7 inches shorter than i am it rides really well and for a good period of time i rode it a lot.
I had some great sessions behind the home at Stocko on it when there was a good winter swell running some nice lefts. I had some solid backhand heavers in the harbour on it one Easter and it held on well. I remember riding it at Newcastle Beach and getting some good waves on it one day. Zorro dropped in on me on one of my last waves and i just zipped along behind him with a great perspective on what a fantastic surfer he is on his backhand. I was a little embarrassed by the whistling fin when he looked back probably thinking I was calling him or something.
I discovered a couple of years ago why I caught so many barrels on this board. It doesn't let you in very early and quite often when you take off you really just pull in under the lip. I remember one little hollow off the middle rock at Newcastle in about 2004 that i felt like i sat in for ages before it swallowed me.
My friend Russell swapped with me one day out at Stocko. He's a great surfer but he didn't like the little McCoy cause he thought it was too slow. I was having a ball on it that same session. He called out to me "Luke - this board's a slug!"
such a great board - i'll have to take it out again soon...

that's the blue spot in the bottom corner

great outline

not the best shots but that's the McCoy out at Treach

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