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Words and Pictures is exactly that. Words in the form of a story and Pictures that either back up the story or form the basis of the story.
I love old surfboards, preferably single fins from the late 60's and early 70's, so many of the stories are based around these.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a pleasant surprise

Years ago i picked up this board from a guy in Sydney. I thought it seemed ok and I could fix it up and ride it. After i brought it home to the shed I was a little less interested in the actual shape and put it into the back section of the shed so it wouldn't stop me from accessing more appealing boards in the meantime. The paint job that someone had given the deck was a bit of a deterrant also.

Sometime in 2009 i was talking to my friend Andrew about an old Wallace surfboard that he had been given. When he received it the board was covered in black paint. he set to work sanding it off to discover that it was not only a Wallace S-deck, but it also had a beautiful marble bottom resin swirl underneath. My brother now has that board, but that's another story...

After hearing the Wallace story again I started to feel a bit bummed about how over all these years of searching for old boards I had never had such an experience. Eventually I remembered the old painted board I had. I ran out to the shed to have another look and grabbed the sander. I immediately went for the section on the deck about a foot and a half back from the nose as this is where most decals can be found. To my surprise there was something there. It turned out to have a logo that said "Maui Model - by Greek".

Having an interest in old boards and surfing history I recognised the name. It came as quite a surprise as the Greek was a shaper and board manufacturer from the East Coast of the USA, largely popular in the 60's, and the board is here on the East Coast of Australia. It was a model that had gone through quite a few changes over the years also, with mine being a fairly late version.

Unfortunately I haven't finished repairing it and haven't taken any more recent photos than those of 2009.



  1. Lets see some footage of that thing drawing some heavy tube lines up at Treach.

  2. Man, I haven't surfed Treachery in a while. I still need to fix the dings in that board. it's been laying around for a while but other boards always seem to have priority when the resin, cloth and tools come out...